Friday, July 6, 2012

July's Blog Hop Saturday

Welcome to Erica's Craft Room
100 Cricut Cartridge Blog Hop Day ONE

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Welcome to My Cricut Craft Room's one year "BLOG-iversary" of our first 100 cartridge Blog hop!
A year ago the blog was kicked off with the first design team members and daily postings. It took 2 months to get ready for this hop last year. Now we bring it to you the first full weekend of every month.
Collectively the design team uses over 100 different Cricut Cartridges in their projects during the two days of this hop. Sunday the new members of the design team will be announced and some have even made a project to share with you!! What an exciting weekend!!

As special treat enjoy 10% off of your total purchase with Erica's Craft Room Store.
Use the code JULY to see 10% off of your total purchase (No exclusions)
on July 7 & 8. Also on Sunday there will be an exciting announcement!!!

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This month I choose 3 cartridges, Spongebob Squarepants, Stretch Your Imagination, and Philidelphia from Cricut Craft Room...

   First, we started with Spongebob cartridge...

I wanted to show that you can use a cartridge and not have to use the main feature..  I wanted the under the sea items and not Spongebob, himself..    I chose <fishboy> shift shadow button at 4" and then I used the flip button and cut another.  I inked the edges of this shadow one..  and the <fishboy> Icon button at 4".
Next, <patrick> shadow and the Icon shift at 2 1/2"... again I used the flip button for one of them..

<fishgirl> shadow shift at the 5" ....   and then the Icon button <shift> and no shift...  I used a little glittery paper for some bling...

and next, <Sandy> Shadow shift and 2 1/2"... and the Icon button <shift> and no shift at 2 1/2...  added a little gold stickles.

and finally for the title "Wetlands"  I used Lyrical letters the connected button..  The W at 2 1/4" and the rest of the words at 2"...

           Stretch Your Imagination Cartridge

<summer> shift at 8 1/2"... using the shadow, layer, and regular button..  I only used only the rays of the sun and I then used Glossy Accents on the rays..  I colored in the eyes, nose and mouth, and also used the Glossy Accents..

<ice cream>was cut at 8 1/2...   I used regular and the layers button..  I cut the base twice but in different colors then I cut them apart to make different flavors.

On the cone I drew in lines for the "waffle look"  the I inked it a little with brown.   For the cherry on top, i used Xmas Stickles.

 I have two great pictures of my hubbie and I at the Akron Zoo having ice cream.. but they are on my phone and I haven't developed them yet...

            Philadephia Cricut Craft Room

I am trying to get this craft room to work...  so bear with me on these projects..  I am still working..

I purchased the "Philly" designs..  My hubbie and I just returned from Philly and the Jersey Shore...

 I cut the Libery Bell at 4" all features..  then I outlined parts of the bell with Silver Stickles...

I didn't get this one perfect ..  Still need to practice...    I cut the shadow button at 2.1"
the letters "philadelphia" was at 1.25  (they should have been a little bigger)  and the middle section was cut at 2"....   I wanted the whole thing to be 2 inches... but somehow it didn't quite turn out that way...  if you look really closely, you can see that the letters didn't fit just right...

But here is the final project.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sew Easy/Stamp Easy Day, July 4th

    Happy 4th of July everyone...  Hope everyone is having a great day with family and friends...  Please remember to add our soldiers, past and present, to your prayers today.  They are the reason we are Free to have such a day like today...

    Welcome to Sew Easy/Stamp Easy project day for Erica's Craft Room Design Team..  So here is my project..

First I used the Ultimate Sampler Series Cartridge, Bonus 1:  Cupcake was cut at 4" and I did all layers.
However, as you will see I cut it out in different colors so that I could make the pieces in more colorful.
I inked the edge of the shadow piece.  Then I used the Sew Easy tool and made straight lines to stitch... I used variegated thread.

I then placed it all together, and glued it together...  I used teal glitter glue for the sprinkles for my cupcake.
and then next, I cut <Prsnt> shift button at 4"...  then I placed them on my card front...  I also used the ribbons that FREE stuff I received from Erica when I stopped by her shop...

and finally, I used the Ultimate Sampler Series again, Bonus 6:  Happy Birthday was cut at 2"..

    I hope that you like the card I made.

Thanks... Pattie    

PS.....    Next weekend is July's Blog Hop...  We are all suppose to use 3 cartridges...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Patriotic Pages

Good evening everyone..  Sorry this is late today, I forgot to post it..

Today is Patriotic...  so I started working on our Philadelphia pages...

I started by using the Independence Day Cartridge and I cut <freedom> at 2 3/4 inches....   I then inked the body of the word, then I outlined the whole word, and I saved the stars from the hat and the I placed them on the word...

Next, I cut out the Red, White, and Blue from the Independence Day Cartridge at 3 1/2 inches...  I cut it out in red cardstock and then I inked the "Blue" with blue ink...

And finally, I cut the (uncle sam) Hat from the Cricut Sampler Cartridge at 4 inches...

I also used a black marker to outline the mark on the hat to show the details...

The Proud sticker and twine is from Erica's Craft Room, she gave this to me when I visited her store this past weekend.  Thank you very Erica...

 Please remember to visit the other blogs ...

Hope you enjoyed my project...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday July 4th Project

Hello everyone..   Today's project is for July 4th with Erica's Craft Room.

   I decided to make a great card..  Here are the directions..

I used the Cricut Sampler Cartridge, the one with 5 overlays to make this card...

First I cut out the firework at 2 1/2 inches...  Shadow in red and regular cut in blue...  the I used silver stickles to make it sparkle...  on the shadow section I used a little x-mas red..

Second, I cut the 4 of July in the opposite colors than the firework...  and here I used crystal stickles on it this part...

Here is the finished card...  Hope you like it...

Hubbie and I at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia for Memorial Weekend...  More great pictures to come..

Thanks for looking...  Pattie

Saturday, June 2, 2012

June BlogHop...

My Cricut Craft Room 100 Cartridge Hop

Today is the June blog hop with Erica's Craft Room....  
We each choose 3 Cartridges to make our projects..
And I chose George and Basic Shapes, Paisley and Creative Memories Stork Delivery..

You should have come from Janet's Blog if not please start at the beginning at 

The first is George and Basic Shapes..  I choose the flower shadow feature and these were cut at 4 inches each
I know that they are simple but with different papers they look great..   I used them for invitations to our Women's Ministry Mother's Day Program.

then I cut the circle out with my Creative Memories circle cutter so that I could cut out the words that I typed.

Next,  I chose the Paisley Cartridge for my next project..

For this card, I cut out the <frog2> at 3 1/2 inches and all layers..    Then I cut out "totally" from the same cartridge at 1 1/2 inches and I hid the "tot" behind the from so that you get "toadally" LOL
Then I cut out Love ya from Paisley too...  and it was cut out at 1 1/2 inches too...   then I traced around them with a black marker.  

I Stickled the heart on the frog too..   Don't you just love that face?   

and Finally, I used Creative Memories Stork Delivery for this project...   My sister had a baby shower and wanted to do a book for him so I cut out everything and we put the book together.. 
Here are a few of the pages... 

This the Boy font on the cartridge.. and they were cut at 2 inches ...    Jarron Craig Kendo will be his name.

The ducks were cut at 4, 3, and 2 1/2 inches ... and the Bath Time was cut at 1 inch...

The blue onies was cut at 3 1/2 and the safety pin was cut at the same size.. The diaper was cut at 2 1/2 inches...

Hope you enjoyed my projects...  
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Monday, May 28, 2012

"V" is the letter of the day

Today on Erica's craft room is brought to you by the letter "V".....  

I used Letter Envy for the title...  "V"acation is here...  

The letter V was cut at 4 inches and using font button...  and  the rest of the letter are cut at 2 1/2 inches..

Hope you like my project ...

thanks for looking..

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stickles Project for May 23

Good Morning everyone,,  here is my project using Stickles for Erica's Craft Room design team.
I hope that you enjoy it...

I used the Paisley Cartridge for my project today....  I really wasn't aware of how cute the cut outs

I cut out the <owl1> at 3 inches and all layers too...  then I glued him together...  and then added stickles for some bling...   I used Fruit Punch, gold and tropical tangerine.   Then I used glossy accents for the eyes, feathers and feet..

Sorry the picture is a little blurry.

Please remember to check out all the other projects on EricasCraftRoom blog..

   And be watching for June's Blog Hop...  it will be starting June 2nd and 3rd...   I am sure the projects will be great...

thanks Pattie

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Would You Ever Guess Wednesday, May 16th

Good Morning everyone,

     Today with Erica's Craft Room it is Would You Ever Guess Wednesday and today we are using the Phrase  feature  !!!!!!  And here is what I came up with...


I am using the Paisley Cartridge today ....  and I used two different phrases...    I cut "totally" and "chillin" at 1 1/4inch each and I used blackout and just the regular cut out word...     Totally is in White and Chillin is in Pink.

I absolutely loved the driving a car....  this is too cute...    I cut the <zebra> at 4 inches and all layers for the car and the zebra.   This is also cut from the Paisley Cartridge.

I made her car pink...  and I used Pearl Stickles and clear glitter stickles..   I also used silver on the tires to look like hubcabs...      and if you look closely I used red glitter stickles for her brake lights and gold and clear for her headlight...

Hope you liked my idea today...  I will be doing the other page later, for when our little group hits the road for our weekend crop....

Thanks, Pattie

Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, Letter S

Good Morning ladies...

   Today is the letter "s" for Erica's Craft Room Monday submission...  Today I choose to try my hand
at doing something  with a "S"....

   So here it is...   

This Scuba man is from the Pack your bags cartridge,,,  I think it is too cute...  I named him Scuba Mike for my husband...  LOL  

Scuba Mike was cut at 5 1/2 and all layers too...  then I put Lime Green Stickles on his inter tube.
Isn't he cute....

The title was cut using Letter Envy cartridge..  I choose the Font Layer and cut it at 1 1/2inches..

     I will using this for our vacation at the end of the month...    Can't wait... LOL

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hello Girls..  Here are my submissions for Erica's Craft Room.  You should start at her blog and go from there.
That way you can see all the great projects for the May Blog Hop.

You should have gotten to my blog from Janet

Here are my submissions...

First I choose to work with Go Canada!!!   I love this cartridge.

I choose shiny brown paper and some critters you might see in Canada,,

<Beaver> and all layers cut @ 4 1/2 inches 
and <CanadaEh> French Phrase cut @ 1 1/4 inches

<Goose> and all layers cut at 4 1/2 inches

<Globe> Phrase both layers cut @ 2 1/2 inches. 

As you can see, Mike and I love Canada!!!  It would be easy for us to move there, LOL.
I love this cartridge so much... 

Next Cartridge I choose was Shall We Dance... 
This is the first time that I used this cartridge.. 

For this card, I cut the <shoes1> and all layers at 4"  and then I used Fruit Punch 
Sticklers to make the bling... 

Just a little closer up...  Look at that Sparkle.. 

For the title I used <shoes1> Phrase at 2 1/2 inches..  
I had done all of this on my Gypsy,  However, it isn't allowing me to cut anything.. 
so I had to write part of the title.. 

My final Cartridge is Sweethearts Cartridge. Again this was all on 
my Gypsy,,  and welded together, but again still can't cut it out. 
So I did it all without it. 

<corner> was cut at 4 inches and I cut 4 of them total. 

Then I used Home Decor' and cut out "memories" at 1 inch and again I cut 4 of them
and then I kind-of lined them up to make them look like I welded them together.. 

I then used a Creative Memories photo mat to mat the picture and then I did a black 
mat too...  

I think that it turned out pretty good..  Mike and I had these taking at Wildwood, NJ last year.. 
This was taken the day after Irene came up the coast..  Can you believe it? 

Thanks for looking... 
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